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The Lincoln Youth Symphony is an orchestra for students in grades nine through twelve in the Lincoln Public School District.  Auditions are required. Because the Lincoln Youth Symphony is an extension of the instrumental program of the Lincoln Public Schools, LPS students must participate in a large ensemble within the instrumental music program at their school to remain eligible for this all-school group.  Home school and private school students must also participate in a Lincoln area high school large instrumental ensemble or the home school orchestra in order to be eligible for LYS.  Students attending LPS specialty schools (such as Zoo School) must participate in a public high school band or orchestra in order to participate in LYS.

The eligibility requirement for participation may be waived for one semester during a student’s high school career.  This would normally be due to an academic graduation requirement conflict or a conflict caused by an academic course sequence.  Students must provide proof from their school counselor that they are not able to be in any instrumental music class because of schedule conflict.