Absence Policy

1. Attendance at rehearsals and concerts is mandatory.

2. Emergency absences should be reported to the director via email by 3:30 on the day of the missed rehearsal.

3. A student may be excluded from playing a concert at the discretion of the Music Director if, because of school sanctioned conflicts, he/she misses more than 2 rehearsals for a concert.  Students who will miss more than two concerts in one season due to such conflicts will forfeit their position in LYS for the year and will need to reaudition in order to be reconsidered for LYS membership.  Participation in concerts may be called into question because of an accumulation of absences for any reason, and each case will be considered by the Music Director in consultation with all parties.

4. LYS members may be dismissed from rehearsals at 5:15 or 5:45 to participate in school concerts or other school performances that begin at 7:00 or 7:30 respectively. Missing a rehearsal for another school-related rehearsal must be preceded by two weeks notice (an email message to Music Director is fine) prior to that absence.  No student will be excused from a rehearsal or a portion of a rehearsal without that prior notice.

5. LYS members must be seated 5 minutes prior to rehearsal time (4:00), or they will be counted tardy. A combination of four tardies will equal one absence. Consistent tardiness may be cause for dismissal from the ensemble.

6. Students who are late to rehearsals must report to the Music Director or a coach  upon arriving at rehearsal.

7. Leaving rehearsal early without first alerting the Music Director is considered an unexcused absence and could result in dismissal from LYS.